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Electrical Drive Design

Use Case: Optimization of Electrical Drive Engines

The end user of the use case, Hanning Elektrowerke is specialized in the development and production of customised drive systems and components for more than 70 years, LCM (ISV) are experts for applied mechatronics research based in Linz.

Use Case Challenge

The challenge proposed by Hanninger is to design a finished drive prototype within 5 working days.  The challenge for LCM, the ISV, was to improve the simulation models for interfacing with the manufacturing processes, including the external suppliers of the prototype materials.


Simulation models for electric motor prototypes

The Linz Centre of Mechatronics (LCM) established simulation models for electric motor prototypes using the SyMSpace system modeller running in a cloud environment. Simulation models - covering electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, and other criteria - provided to the multi-target optimizer can figure out the most suitable engine configuration.  After the right engine configured, the necessary production data is automatically generated from the model and ready to be downloaded.

15.000 simulation cycles in a few hours

The cloud-based execution and deep simulations - on pay per use basis - increased product quality, product flexibility, and reduced design to production time from more than one month to less than one week. To successfully finish the required 15.000 simulation cycles, SyMSpace was used in the cloud environment. With sufficient calculation power, the extensive models and deep optimization of the electrical drive prototype were no barriers to be concerned of.


Benefits for the end user

With the support of LCM, Hanning streamlined their processes to zero human data handovers, and Hanning's prototype can be processed quicker than ever before.

Optimized with SyMSpace, from request design to optimisation to production data, the final data gathered by the optimization is already stirring the copper thread for the winding machine thanks to the knowledge gain from this optimisation procedure, which is the most significant result.


Benefits for the ISV

By participating in the use case, LCM (ISV) increased their turnover by more than 250k€ and improved their customer satisfaction by 50%. Further, the use case opened up new markets for design and production processes of European and non-European production companies to be streamlined and accelerated similarly to the example of Hanning.

The following were involved in the implementation



Hanning Elektro Werke

Cloud Broker GmbH

Scale Tools

LUND Univeristy