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Truck Components Manufacturing

Use Case: Optimizing efficiency of truck components manufacturing process by data analytics

In the core concerning this Experiment, DSS Consulting start the prototype of a data compilation and production planning and modeling system, utilizing cloud science to speed the replica process.

The fundamental objective of this experiment is to increase Bakony Elektronika’s competitiveness by elaborating on the effectiveness of the assembly process. The objective set about doing develop a personalized solution adopting DSS Consulting’s data analysis toolkit taking into concern the singular nature of Bakony Elektronika’s production process and decrease the number of shifts while keeping the productivity level.

Sensors are needed to collect data

Step one is to equip the manufacturing process with specific sensors to securely collect, integrate, and send to the cloud. Leveraging data from sensors, ERP, MES to integrate and take a structured and organized approach for the solution.

Forecasting - One Step ahead

The proposed solution provides on-demand production scenarios based on high-quality online data and improves production planning and pre-simulation. The virtual model is built on the cloud architecture provided by emGORA/CloudiFacturing.


Save energy and protect the environment

Bakony Elektronika improves their production cycle time management (better forecast and faster production), locate potentially clogged parts, and weather save energy and labour costs. Ultimately, this solution can reduce production time, shift work, labour costs, machine costs, and more. And we will increase our competitiveness and create many new jobs.


End User Benefits

Bakony Elektronika got a series of benefits from the experiment:

  • reduce manufacturing costs by reducing unit and additional costs
  • minimize the production losses and the manufacturing cycle time
  • reducing the number of shifts from two to one
  • improved the working environment for all the employees
  • increase in turnover
  • potential to create additional jobs
  • establish new contacts or business partners

What does that exactly mean? €20k savings per year.

The implementation of the use case will achieve a minimum of 20k € yearly cost savings, Bakony Elektronika reduced the number of shifts from two to one shift), hired additional employees, and increase the number of business partners.

The following were involved in the implementation

Bakony Elektronika

DSS consulting

Cloud Broker GmbH

innomine Group Ltd.