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Status update of emGORA workspace (ews)

Look who’s working!

Behind the scenes of emGORA workspace (ews) the gears are not standing still, a bunch of people from different companies and organisations are actively working in the alpha phase! We are happy that even after the official end of the CloudiFacturing project, our partners continue to work closely together to realise this one vision.

So what are our plans for the future?

Alpha Phase

In the alpha phase we are busy with internal testing, logistics and coordination, just as our advisory board is being formed! This is one of our heartfelt concerns, the advisory board is to look after the interests of all emGORA workspace members as well as the further development of our services, without ignoring the tasks, rights and duties. The advisory board is informed about developments and advises the operator on how to make the further development of ews sustainable and fair.

Beta Phase

In March 2022, we plan to move from the alpha to the beta phase. At that time our closed circle, project partners, family & friends, will be able to offer and use services on ews. It is still open whether there will be an extension of the beta phase, as an open beta phase.

Official Launch

At the end of May, ews will be officially launched at the Hannover Messe 2022. By this time at the latest, ews will be open to the public with all its functionalities and anyone registered on ews will then be able to access its services.

Stay tuned

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