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Internal Onboarding Event #2

emGORA workspace Online Onboarding Event

The second onboarding event has been organized for internal members of the CloudiFacturing project and the DIGITbrain project, consortiums as well as experiment partners and took place on Friday, September 17th.

Execution and collaboration platform: emGORA workspace

emGORA workspace is an execution and collaboration platform driven by a community-based approach and is democratising access to advanced ICT solutions to accelerate the digitisation of manufacturing SMEs in an enriched environment. The Digital Agora was achieved in more than 7 years of European-funded research and innovation actions – means, emGORA workspace has been nudged loose by the European Commission’s efforts to build up economic strengths sustainably.

Experiments and Core Partner have contributed to the workspace / CFG Solution

Participants were introduced to where the idea of Digital Agora (also known as "digital marketplace") comes from, how the future emGORA workplace will support them in their business, and how they can create additional value for their offerings and services.

Onboarding Agenda
  1. Welcome & Intro
  2. Past, Present, and Future of CloudiFacturing
  3. Future Outlook on the Digital Agora Technology
  4. How DIHs will leverage emGORA workspace
  5. Closing & Onboarding offer
  6. Q&A, Open Space
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Who exactly is the next event for?

The next onboarding event will be open for everyone who is interested.

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Factory 4.0 and circular economy

Routes lead us back to the financial crisis of 2007/2008 and forced the European Commission to re-think its strategy. Large companies, which were recognized as systemically important, received a lot of support on national-level initiatives in the past decades. For the big players, it was a quite comfortable position, but vice versa for SMEs it was almost not possible to get support (they won't fit in the criteria "too big to fail" or systemically important) as the public promotion of SMEs from the competitive perspective is inexplicable for politicians and other parties.


The "job motors" of the nations and the EU were forgotten and left to fend for themselves. Small side fact: 99.5 % of all companies in Germany are SMEs! Lucky that the wind of change blew and is still blowing! The EUC established several funding programs to support, facilitate and connect SMEs and institutions to develop new innovations, skills, and further capacities required in Europe.


Visit the DIGITbrain Consortium and CloudiFacturing Consortium!


ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs

The I4MS initiative was founded on the basis of this momentum and has continued to grow. In the past decade and in the future, I4MS is and will be the umbrella initiative for research projects (e. g. cloudSME project & CloudFlow) and innovation actions (e. g. CloudiFacturing, DIGITbrain & Pulsate) in the area of Information and Communication Technologies for manufacturing.

Participated and looking for the slides?

The event was not public, and information provided in the event is only accessible for attendees.

If you participated, you can follow this link to the slides of the presenters provided on a password-protected page (You should have received it via mail).

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The project CloudiFacturing receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme (Grant No. 768892).